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Hong Jin-kyung X Jang Sung-kyu joins the MC of "A Little Differen…

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Photo = Courtesy of Ticast E channel "Psycho Documentary: Hanchai"[Reporter Lee Min-ji on the news] Hong Jin-kyung and Jang Sung-kyu will unite.The T-Cast E-Channel 'Psycho Documentary: Han Kkchai', which will premiere on February 28, will feature "Motor of Success" andIt is a program about 'human nature' that divides 'distorted desire' by a small margin.It depends on how we use the "human nature" that we all haveWith the story that life can be completely changed by a small differenceProvides tips on how to use nature."A Little Difference" was the first MC groupProfessor Park Ji-sun, who has been recognized as the best psychological expert, appeared on the showI've confirmed it. He's showing the best hosting skills by cultivating variety shows and current affairsHong Jin-kyung and Jang Sung-kyu join forces to control "human nature."It adds a smile to the sharp and sober diagnosis of the law.irreplaceable honesty and empathyHong Jinkyung, the "Laughing Golden Soup" who is captivating viewers with his skillsAt the end of last year through KBS 2TV's "Hong Kim-dongjeon", "Real Genius", "Solo Hell", and "Solo Hell"He is in his prime by winning the Best Entertainment Award. On the other hand, "A Little Difference"The results of the MCs' personality test (TCI) were released on the official channel, and the keyword of Hong Jin-kyung's nature wasHe appeared as a "My Way Adventurer." If you think you're right, you don't careIf you're not a celebrity, you're suitable for a businessman and you're taking care of your own businessbe characterized by doing.Through "Walkman", "Eat breakfast", and so on, you cross the lineJang Sung-kyu, who was nicknamed "Sunnum-gyu" for his explosive drip power, is on SBS's "Tail-to-tail."He is a skilled storyteller of "The Story of the Day", inducing viewers to be overly immersed. In factJang Sung-kyu's nature, which was released on the official SNS of "a slight difference" as a result of the personality quality test (TCI) conductedThe keyword is 'careful watchman'. There's a lot of anxiety. What you've been eating, what you've been eating,He is the type of person who prefers familiar things such as where he went. It's a bit lazyIt may seem like it, but it's not lazy, it's a 'cautious' temperamentThere is.Meanwhile, Park Ji-sun from "The Outer Cold Tender Analysis Girl", Hong Jin-kyung from "My Way Adventurer", and Jang Sung-kyu from "The Careful Watchman"The last member of MC Corps, "Innocent Enemy", who is still covered by the silhouetteThe audience's attention is focused on who it will be. February 28th at 8pmThe first broadcast of 40 minutes.









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